7 Advantages to Having Your Child See a Chiropractor Regularly

1. Improved Sleeping-Research has shown that children who do not get enough sleep show poor concentration and attention, memory difficulties and even behavioral problems in school. Seeing a chiropractor regularly will result in less stress on your nervous system, improving your ability to sleep.

2. Improved Digestion- Subluxated vertebrae are areas where the spinal column is pinching the nerves running through it, impeding function in the region of the body to which those nerves correspond. In some instances, blockages interrupt the nerve signals between the brain and the stomach, meaning that the nervous system is no longer able to control the normal function of the intestinal area, leading to digestion problems and constipation.

3. Immune Support-Misalignments can interfere with our nervous system. Children often have an immature immune system. With regular adjustments we can make sure their nervous system is working effectively.

4. Sick Care-An adjustment can help boost the immune system and get your child feeling better quicker. If your child has an earache or sinus congestion, adjustments can help drain fluids from the ears.

5. Improved Behavior and Attitude-When a child is misaligned, they have more tension on their nervous system. For some, this creates concentration and behavioral issues. An adjustment may help your child in this area.

6. Improves Breathing Issues-Chiropractic care can reduce any pinched or misaligned nerves that are affecting the bronchial tubes, lungs, and diaphragm. This can help to reduce asthma issues in a patient.

7. Helps with Growing Children-When children are aligned, they can grow the way they’re supposed to, with no extra pressure on certain bones or muscles.



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