Health and Your Handbag

Women suffer a lot in the name of fashion including painful high heels and uncomfortable clothes, but there is one thing harming your health more than you may think…. Your handbag!

The average purse weighs 6 lbs.! The physical strain of carrying around such a heavy handbag is causing 63% of women to experience neck and back pain.

Did you know repetitive lifting or incorrect wearing of a heavy handbag can cause several health problems including:
• Upper neck and back pain
• Poor posture
• Muscle spasms
• Herniated discs
• Headaches

It is never too late to improve your health, start by following these tips:
1. Lighten your load-The American Chiropractic Association recommends the weight of your bag not exceed 10% of your body weight, 5% if you are carrying it on one shoulder.
2. Alternate shoulders- Make sure to alternate shoulders you wear your purse on every day.
3. Choose a smaller bag-The larger the bag the more tempted you will be to add more things, increasing the weight. Smaller bags can also be held closer to your body.
4. Avoid skinny straps-A wider strap of 5 centimeters or more will not pinch your shoulder and will distribute the weight of the bag more evenly.
5. Choose a crossbody style-Crossbody bags are a great option. They distribute weight more symmetrically across the body and are more comfortable on your shoulder.
6. Choose a backpack-Choose a lightweight backpack that will distribute weight evenly across both shoulders and provide adjustable straps for comfort.
7. Get regular adjustments-Being adjusted regularly helps by placing your body in the proper position to naturally heal itself. Adjustments also help improve spinal motion and your body’s physical function.

If you have any questions about what your fashion sense is doing to your health, please call our office today for a consultation or appointment.



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