Introducing North Broward Chiropractic’s Latest Clinical Screening Tool, the MyoVision!

What is MyoVision and How Does it Work?
MyoVision can be thought of as a Chiropractor’s EKG or blood pressure cuff. This handheld advanced screening clinical tool allows us to immediately see possible spinal related health conditions patients may have.

MyoVision uses 2 joysticks with electrodes to measure the muscular response to spinal subluxations and shows any patterns. Spinal subluxations are less than a complete dislocation of a joint where nervous system interference is present.

After scanning the patients, MyoVision will present the results. Colors will indicate your level of tension. Very high tension will appear as red and very low tension will appear yellow. If you see these color readings, they are significant.

High or elevated readings, shown in red, indicate you are in an acute phase of spinal subluxation or have had an injury. Low readings, shown in yellow, indicate your muscles are in a chronic state of fatigue from being overstressed. This could be indicative of something serious such as a herniated disk.
Patients will also be given an EP Stress Score. This score is a sum of their muscle activity around their spine, measured in microvolts. This score will be used as a baseline to track patient progress.

Results will be instantly emailed to patients.
After 4-6 weeks of chiropractic care elevated reading scores typically drop. Low reading scores may increase as muscles begin to fire more normally. Important to note everything has an impact on your score, from sitting too long at work to playing sports.

What does it feel like?
The MyoVision Scanner places small electrodes against the skin, similar to an electronic form of gentle palpation. Taking only a couple minutes the scanning is not painful or invasive. MyoVision is safe for everyone including kids, pregnant women, and seniors.

What is MyoVision looking for?
In a nutshell, MyoVision is looking at the levels of muscle tension. Muscles compensate for pain and/or spinal subluxations by tensing up to brace to guard. MyoVision documents this pattern and gives you a baseline for patient progress.



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